Measure From
3D/BIM And 2D
Drawings On-Screen

DimensionX 3D provides a streamlined version of our industry-leading software for users who only need to perform measurement. The software supports takeoff for 3D/BIM models as well as 2D drawings, allowing users to save time and money, improve accuracy and reduce paper handling.

Faster, Smarter & More Accurate.


Why Choose DimensionX 3D?

If you only requireDimensionX 3D for measurement purposes but still require 3D/BIM compatibility, DimensionX 3D is the most cost-effective option for your circumstance. DimensionX 3D supports users who wish to compare drawings and highlight the changes to identify variations that need attention. The software is also compatible with DimensionX 3D, our additional software add-on that lets users link dimensions and quantities directly into WinQS.

2D Takeoff

Support for scanned, PDF, CAD and other 2D drawings. Streamline measuring processes by calculating areas, lengths and counts with a single click, cutting takeoff times by up to 80%.

BIM / 3D Models

Accurately estimate quantities and costs based on BIM files that incorporate large repositories of data. Improve design quality, reduce errors and add value across all processes in the construction lifecycle.


Our powerful revision mode can be used to draw comparisons between drawings and highlight new changes. Users can be confident that necessary changes are clearly defined throughout the design process.