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DimensionX is world-leading on-screen measurement software developed by award winning software designers and construction industry professionals.

All construction projects will have a number of key objectives, and almost without exception these will include adherence to cost and budgetary constraints. Whilst there is nothing new in these requirements, the way and speed they can be achieved has improved significantly and continues to improve because of the use of DimensionX. DimensionX is an interoperable estimating software tool which supports the seamless transfer of digital design information between designers and non-CAD users for measurement and estimating purposes.

It allows non-CAD users to measure on-screen from 2D and 3D PDF or CAD files without running CAD software, or automatically import quantities and other data from 3D BIM models.

DimensionX comprises of a Dimension View – a drawing viewer where PDF and CAD files can be viewed, and without the use of CAD software or any previous experience of CAD by the user, detailed and accurate dimensions generated automatically from 3D BIM models, or measurements easily and quickly taken from 2D and 3D drawings by using simple but powerful electronic measurement tools. These tools can also make use of embedded CAD data to make measurement even quicker and easier.


Save time – measure counts, lengths and areas with a single click from scanned, PDF and CAD drawings.


Future proof your business and work with BIM by using digital design data to accurately estimate quantities and costs.


Never miss a quantity with our powerful auto-revisioning tool to compare drawings, highlight changes and update quantities automatically.

What we do

DimensionX is great for Contractors because it provides a single integrated environment for capturing dimensions making the management and control of the costs associated with a construction project that much easier. Digital workflows dramatically reduce the reliance on paper..

Try DimensionX for Yourself!

Download software and sample files and go through a product walkthrough to discover the benefits of DimensionX for yourself.

Capturing Dimensions with What You Have

We have several tools that assist with the take off in DWG, DXF and DWF files. Block Recognition and Poly-line Recognition for area and length measurement, automatic object counts, and of course we have really good tools to take the pain out of layers.

Reduce the Cost of Business

Making use of smart estimating technology, faster turn-around means less time spent measuring, verifying and more time spent running your business.